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Benoil specialises in tailor-made solutions to meet customers' individual needs; our complete service incorporates design, materials selection, production and quality control. You can expect a prompt and reliable response, from your first enquiry through to finished goods. We produce high quality components and are prepared to deal in low volume. Call us now to find out how we can help with your current requirements.

Benoil's range of industrial and medical products now includes:

- rubber mouldings to serve as protectors of electrical connection units against physical damage and water ingress in an outdoors use.

- drainage channelling specially formed with integral retaining wiring to collect and deflect condensation within a nuclear environment.

- plastic float units for industrial level indicators.

- seals for steriliser units for hospital medical equipment; also for dental cleaning and sterilising units.

- vehicle engine hoses and filler hoses in SAE compounds.

- other vehicle parts in metal and rubber, such as specialised suspension bushes, ball joints, grommets.

- shaped hoses for commercial washing machines.

- moulded box housings for medical instrumentation, coated to control electromagnetic emissions, and others metal-formed and coated for on-site housing of electrical control units.

- sterilisable and rigid medical equipment mouldings.

- key instrument components in rubber coated steel to high precision finish.

- silicone seals for chemical dosing pumps.

- dip moulded grips for MOD requirement, and for handle protection on commercial vehicles.

- helicopter navigation beacon housings to withstand the attack of atmospheric conditions in air and at sea, to withstand the shock of emergency ditching and then give signal to emergency services.

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