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Benoil: The Company In Brief

The Company In Brief

Benoil is a family company founded in 1985. We aim to solve customers' problems by developing appropriate product solutions. The range of materials and manufacturing procedures called upon is extensive. We deal with a variety of industrial sectors; there is a particular emphasis on the oil exploration and development business.

Range of Activities

Benoil engages in three fairly distinct areas of activity.

1. Development items. We work closely with you to produce components tailor made to meet your individual needs. This may involve design, material selection, tooling, manufacturing processes etc or merely a variant of an existing product. For details read our Capabilities section.
2. The result of the above (unless the item is truly a one-off) is a requirement for scheduled production and supply to you of the established line. Most of our industrial production is for customer specific products and such items cannot be listed for general availability. A short list of Typical Products gives a good indication of our general product range.
3. Oilfield products are generally off-the-shelf items stocked for ready call-off by several companies using similar equipment. In this case we catalogue our products for reference by you. A full listing is available on this site via links on our Home Page;. We also make proprietary items for oilfield customers.

Oilfield Customer Base

GE Baker Hughes, Schlumberger, Halliburton, Archer and Weatherford use us regularly; many other less well-known companies are also supplied. Occasionally we produce goods for a main operator - BP, Chevron, Esso, Shell - though in general our supply is to the main service companies.

Quality Certification

Benoil is registered to ISO 9001:2015, certificate No C680SW.

Benoil acts as inspector of its sub-contractors' work and they manufacture to our written procedures.

Scope of Trading

Benoil trades internationally covering over 35 countries to date. At present all sales are direct, not through agents; this may change if customers' requirements indicate a need.

We deal in (GBP) sterling and in (USD); our oilfield pricelist exists in both currencies. We are willing to deal by prior agreement in other currencies.

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