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6.6.2. Cutting Type, with coarse Silicon Carbide, and orange sealed driving face

These pigs give a cutting action on material stuck to the tubing. They are used in the yard in pre- or post-servicing to remove surface rust or hard cement residues. They accommodate to different wall thicknesses. There is some bypass through the flutes, which gives a jetting action in removing residues. They may well be followed by a polishing pig or a wiper pig.
Maximum operating pressure 2000psi.
P/N Size Wall thickness Type illustration
121051 1.25" CT (0.098"-0.134"WT) SiC Scraper Pigs (coarse)
121052 1.50" CT (0.098"-0.134"WT)
121052B 1.50" CT (0.156"-0.224"WT)
121053 1.75" CT (0.109"-0.188"WT)
121053B 1.75" CT (0.188"-0.224"WT)
121054 2.00" CT (0.125"-0.175"WT)
121054B 2.00" CT (0.175"-0.224"WT)
121055 2.375" CT (0.125"-0.190"WT)
121055B 2.375" CT (0.175"-0.224"WT)
121059 2.625" CT (0.156"-0.250"WT)
121056 2.875" CT (0.175"-0.250"WT)
121057 3.50" CT (0.236"WT)
Customer remark:
Since I tried these, I persuaded xxx to use them, because it is surprising how much spoil you can remove if you use the right tools for the job!

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