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6.3.2. Long Length - 10-chevron Wiper Dart

While these longer darts could be supplied outside the range below, we only list those so far required. Generally, the shorter form suffices in larger sizes. For 2.625" CT and greater no tooling is currently available.
P/N Size Description Type illustration
106008 1.00" CT WT 109 Elastomer Wiper Pigs 10chevron
106001 1.25" CT WT 098
106002a 1.50" CT WT 098
106002b WT 156*
106003a 1.75" CT WT 109
106003b WT 098*
106003c WT 156-204*
106004a 2.00" CT WT 109
106004b WT 156*
106005 2.375" CT WT 156
* Special size supplied on request. By default, the standard is used

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