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6.12. Cement Darts with Shearable plugs

The plug is held with a crosswire, whose thickness is given in the list and which shears at the given pressure. Pigs are designed to nest into each other so that a 2500psi pig can follow a 1750psi pig and they will shear in known succession. These pigs usually need a catcher for the plug.
These have only been made in the wire sizes indicated and for the coil tubing sizes indicated. The list could be extended, but some preliminary work with thicker wires suggests that it may be difficult to obtain consistent results.
1.25" CT For use in 098-125WT tubing
p/n 120061 72thou wire 2500psi orange
p/n 120062 64thou wire 1750psi blue
1.50"CT For use in 098-125WT tubing
p/n 120091 72thou wire 2500psi black
p/n 120092 64thou wire 1750psi white
120091/2 may stick in heavy wall tubing. For 156WT tubing, use 120093/4 instead; they use a reduced diameter centre to avoid sticking.
p/n 120093 72thou wire 2500psi yellow
p/n 120094 64thou wire 1750psi green
1.75"CT For use in 098-156WT tubing
p/n 120141 72thou wire 2500psi orange
p/n 120142 64thou wire 1750psi blue

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