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6.4. Elastomer PU Scraper Pigs

Function: based on a series of linked rubber discs, rather than the chevrons of the wiper dart, these are harder to insert than the wiper darts, but scrape tubing walls more thoroughly. They ought to be chosen for the relevant wall thickness or they may not fit.
Versions for 1.75" and above have not been requested: it is said that as the wiper darts in these sizes have a thicker lip than their equivalents in the smaller sizes, they give a good wiping action; this is a rationalisation of a reluctance by operators to use them, not a proven fact. Where tests have been done, in the 1.25" size, several extra pounds of rubbish were removed by a scraper dart from a coil which had just previously been pigged with a wiper dart.
Material: polyurethane 75A one piece moulding. They could also be made in harder grades to give an even firmer scrape.
P/N Size - Description Type illustration
120041 1.25" CT    WT098    Green Elastomer Scraper Pigs
120042 1.50" CT    WT098    Green
120043 1.75" CT    WT109    Green
Also, now experimentally available with a chevron front end followed by five disc sections; this makes it easier to load. Please enquire for any size required.
P/N Size - Description
120241 1.25" CT    WT098    Black
120242 1.50" CT    WT098    Black
120243 1.75" CT    WT109    Black

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