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6.2. Cylindrical Shape, Sealed Driving Face (White & Orange)

This type of pig is mostly used to give a clean wipe to the tube in the yard in pre- or post-servicing to remove condensate, residues or flush water. It has not been unknown for them to be used as a top dart behind cement downhole, however.
More recently, we have started supplying larger versions for cleaning Drill Pipe, and indeed other forms of tubing in non-oil applications. This series can be extended to supply other sizes of tubing or pipe, and different wall thicknesses.
Maximum operating pressure 2000psi.
P/N Description - Size Type illustration
123030 1.00" CT (0.098"-0.145"WT) Foam Pigs
123031 1.25" CT (0.098"-0.134"WT)
123032 1.50" CT (0.098"-0.134"WT)
123032B 1.50" CT (0.156"-0.224"WT)
123033 1.75" CT (0.109"-0.188"WT)
123033B 1.75" CT (0.188"-0.224"WT)
123034 2.00" CT (0.125"-0.175"WT)
123034B 2.00" CT (0.175"-0.224"WT)
123035 2.375" CT (0.125"-0.190"WT)
123039 2.625" CT (0.175"WT)
123036 2.875" CT (0.175"-0.250"WT)
123036B 2.875" CT (0.109"-0.190"WT)
123037 3.50" CT (0.236"WT)

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