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6.1. Wiper Dart, Chevron Shape (Green & Orange)

We make darts of PU Foam Sponge, as the cylindrical sort, but shaped similarly to a wiper dart, the aim being to enable such a dart to act as a wiper while being flexible and extrudable enough to pass through a restriction. They are effectively softer and can be used to leave a film of eg anti-rust treatment on tubing.
The basic versions are now listed here, but special designs have been made. The extreme of this has been a dart with the ability to wipe a 2 7/8" tube, but pass a restriction and then wipe a 2" tube. All such are job-specific and designed and made accordingly.
Maximum operating pressure 2000psi.
P/N Size Description Type illustration
133030 1.00" 10 chevron Foam Wiper Pigs
133031 1.25" 10 chevron
133032 1.50" 10 chevron
133033 1.75" 10 chevron
133034 2.00" 8 chevron
133035 2.375" 5 chevron
133036 2.875" 5 chevron
133037 3.50" 5 chevron
133038 4.50" 5 chevron

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