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6.10.8. CT Burst Disc Darts, 44mm Bore

All the darts of this size can be tailored, if necessary, to almost any required pressure. These darts are suitable as both acid and cement darts.
2.875" tubing, bore 44mm, metal OD 58mm, rubber OD - mm - in plan
229701 1000psi yellow
229702 1500psi white
229703 2000psi orange
229704 2500psi salmon
229705 3000psi red
229706 3500psi green
229707 4000psi blue
229708 4500psi violet
229709 5000psi black
3.50" tubing, 0.254"WT; bore 44mm, metal OD 58mm, rubber OD 78mm
230701 1000psi yellow
230702 1500psi white
230703 2000psi orange
230704 2500psi salmon
230705 3000psi red
230706 3500psi green
230707 4000psi blue
230708 4500psi violet
230709 5000psi black

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