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6.10.3. CT Burst Disc Darts, 16mm Bore

1.25" CT, 087-125WT; 16mm bore, metal OD 22mm, rubber OD 28mm
224201a 1400psi yellow
224210a 2000psi white
224203a 2350psi orange
224204a 3000psi salmon
224205c 3300psi red
224206b 4580psi blue
224208a 6700psi black
1.25" CT, tba WT; 16mm bore, metal OD 22mm, rubber OD -- mm - in plan
224220a etc
1.50" CT, 087-134WT; 16mm bore, metal OD 22mm, rubber OD 34mm
225201a 1400psi yellow
225210a 2000psi white
225203a 2350psi orange
225204a 3000psi salmon
225205c 3300psi red
225206b 4580psi blue
225208a 6700psi black
1.50" CT, 125-175WT; 16mm bore, metal OD 22mm, rubber OD 32mm
225211a 1400psi yellow
225220a 2000psi white
225213a 2350psi orange
225214a 3000psi salmon
225215c 3300psi red
225216b 4580psi blue
225218a 6700psi black
We have also previously supplied 1500psi, 1800psi, 2750psi forms in the 16mm type.
2000psi is a later addition to the sequence.

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