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6.10.2. CT Burst Disc Darts, 13mm Bore

1.25" CT, 0.095 - 0.156"WT; 13mm bore, metal OD 19mm, rubber OD 28mm DRG 10139
224152a 1275psi yellow
224151a 1500psi white
224153c 1800psi red
224155d 2450psi salmon
224154b 2800psi orange
224156b 3800psi green
224157b 4300psi blue
224158b 5600psi black
1.50" CT, 0.109 - 0.204"WT; 13mm bore, metal OD 19mm, rubber OD 32.5mm DRG 10358
225162a 1275psi yellow
225161a 1500psi white
225163c 1800psi red
225165d 2450psi salmon
225164b 2800psi orange
225166b 3800psi green
225167b 4300psi blue
225168b 5600psi black
1.75" CT, 0.109 - 0.224"WT; 13mm bore, metal OD 19mm, rubber OD 39mm DRG 10598
226162a 1275psi yellow
226161a 1500psi white
226163c 1800psi red
226165d 2450psi salmon
226164b 2800psi orange
226166b 3800psi green
226167b 4300psi blue
226168b 5600psi black

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