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6. Index to Sub-Sections

6.1. Foam Sponge PU Chevron Wiper Pigs, Green
6.2. Foam Sponge PU Cylinder Pigs, White
6.3. Elastomer PU Wiper Pigs
       6.3.1. Standard - 5-Chevron Wiper Dart, Orange
       6.3.2. Long Length - 10-Chevron Wiper Dart, Orange
       6.3.2. Softer Standard - 5-Chevron Wiper Dart, Blue
6.4. Elastomer PU Scraper Pigs
6.5. Hippo Turbo Pigs, Polish & Coarse
6.6. SiC Abrasive Scraper Pigs
       6.6.1. Polish, with fine Silicon Carbide
       6.6.2. Cutting, with coarse Silicon Carbide
6.10. Cement Darts with Burst Discs
       6.10.1. 12mm Bore
       6.10.2. 13mm Bore
       6.10.3. 16mm Bore
       6.10.4. 20mm Bore
       6.10.5. 24mm Bore
       6.10.6. 27mm Bore
       6.10.7. 36mm Bore
       6.10.8. 44mm Bore
6.11. Acid Darts with Burst Discs
6.12. Cement Darts with Shearable Plugs
6.13. Solid Core Darts
The list is continually developing as new sizes of tubing are brought into use, as special wall thicknesses are used, as new burst pressures are required, as new materials are available and in general as experience grows and new demands are made. If the list does not contain what is desired, please ask.

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