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6.11. Acid Darts with Burst Discs

Acid darts are made to withstand concentrated hydrochloric acid and mild hydrofluoric acid, or mixtures of these acids used in well workover. The foil used in the disc is Alloy C-276.
Though this is exceptionally corrosion resistant, it should not be assumed totally resistant, particularly if the acid mixture is say hydrofluoric with a strong oxidising acid such as nitric acid. Please consult us if you have any particularly powerful mixture.
All Acid Darts are suitable for use as Cement darts. The reverse is not true.
This is a new list and is expanding as demand occurs, but in principle all the sizes of the cement dart ranges are possible as acid darts. The pressure ratings are likely to differ. Please ask.
However, the cement darts in the larger sizes (2 3/8", 2 5/8", 2 7/8" and 3 1/2" of sections 6.4.7. and 6.4.8.) are designed for dual use as acid or cement darts, and are not separately listed in this section.
1.25 CTU; 098-125WT; 12mm bore
p/n 244004 4000psi blue
p/n 244006 6000psi brown
1.50 CTU; 098-125WT; 12mm bore
p/n 245004 4000psi blue
p/n 245006 6000psi brown
1.75 CTU; 109-156WT; 12mm bore
p/n 246004 4000psi blue
p/n 246006 6000psi brown
2.00 CTU; 109-156WT; 12mm bore
p/n 247004 4000psi blue
p/n 247006 6000psi brown
1.50 CTU; 087-109WT; 20mm bore, OD34mm
p/n 245305 4100psi blue
1.50 CTU; 125-156WT; 20mm bore, OD32mm
p/n 245315 4100psi blue
1.75 CTU; 109-156WT; 20mm bore, OD39mm
p/n 246315 4100psi blue
1.75 CTU; 125-175WT; 20mm bore, OD38.3mm
p/n 246325 4100psi blue

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