Benoil Services Ltd

Benoil's Capabilities

1. Activities

We are involved at times with component design, material selection, prototyping, testing, production, assemblies, sales, certification and delivery. Some customers or products use only one or two aspects; others may use the whole range.

2. Confidentiality

All work is performed in confidence and we are willing to sign secrecy agreements if appropriate for the development of a new product. We can act in a consultative capacity in matters of design and testing.

3. Materials

We work with many materials. The following gives an idea of our possibilities.

Metals: copper, brass, aluminium, nickel, steels - mild and stainless - and other alloys
Plastics: a wide range of possibilities including engineering alloys and thermosets; PP, PC, PTFE, PEEK etc. and glassfibre reinforced resin
Rubbers: EPDM, nitriles, hydrogenated saturated nitriles,fluorocarbons FCR, neoprenes, butyl types, cast polyurethanes, thermoplastic rubbers
Composites: These might combine reinforcements such as fibres - cotton, carbon, glass, aramid - with rubbers or plastics. Equally we can combine lightweight fillers with epoxy or phenolic resins, or create formulations which promote or reduce adhesion.

4. Processes
Any suitable process may be used in working the relevant material. Our own processes are almost entirely for the production of prototypes or very short run and usually urgent items. We do not attempt to engage in all our own production, but select appropriately skilled specialist sub-contractors. These cover toolmakers, general metal and plastics machinists, plastics and rubber moulders, pressure formers, sheetmetal benders, hose extruders, welding experts, burst disc suppliers, spring formers etc. This gives us flexibility in choosing processes to solve problems.

Usually, a product requires a combination of manufacturing and finishing; so we have, for example, the ability to hone and centreless grind metal products, to spray paint, to coat with plastic, to engrave, or to mark with ink.

For more information about Benoil, see our page Benoil: The Company In Brief and the list of our Typical Products.

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