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8.11. Burst Discs 2"-style

These and larger sizes are presently used in subs to provide a barrier across the tubing. They are usually made to carry the o-ring for ease of fitting, rather than having an o-ring chamfer. Made in alloy C-276; others on request. Bore is nominal 2" (51mm).
8.11.1. 2"-style disc with chamfer to seat on BS.230.VI75 o-ring provided.
              Thickness 1.00 (25.4mm).
              Thread is 2-7/8"-12-UN-2A for this chamfer version.
                 This is the less common form for these discs.
8.11.2. 2"-style disc with carried BS.230.VI75 o-ring provided.
              Thickness 1.25 (32mm).
              Thread is 2-7/8"-12-UN-2A for this carried version.
                 This is the common form for these discs.

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