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New Developments - in-line burst discs and carrier-sub
in-line subs with burst discs and fitting tool Full throat burst discs mounted in an in-line sub
In the last few months Benoil has developed a number of full throat burst discs that form part of the main tooling string down hole. These units consist of two halves with a burst disc mounted in the centre. Burst pressures for the discs are tailored to suit individual needs, but are supplied typically in the 1,000 - 10,000 psi range. The burst discs are serviceable parts to the main carrier bodies as indeed are the O-rings and assembly/fitting tools.
Due to the in-line nature of these carrier units for the burst discs, the steel used for the carrier bodies (shown) is an EN24 grade. Depending on individual requirements other grades, including stainless steels, are available.
A range of different threads is available on the male and female ends to interface with indvidual tubing requirements.
Currently these items are all made to order so click 'contact Benoil' here, or click the button at the bottom of the page below - to discuss indivdual requirements on these units.
Fig 1: In-line subs with burst discs and fitting tool
burst disc housed within male carrier unit The units are supplied and fitted with a double O-ring arrangement at the leading and trailing ends of the locking threads (shown). These O-rings are Viton (DuPont) and are good for max. 230°C / 445°F.
The burst disc is shown fitted in position and sitting sub-flush and on its metal-metal seating.
Shown is a disc of twin-foil construction with a burst pressure of 1700psi. The basic design is the same as Benoil has been producing for many years in the 11mm style burst disc bodies.
Fig 2: Burst disc housed within male carrier unit
burst disc showing clear throat diameter Pre-burst the disc provides a complete seal to anything above it passing down hole, and anything down hole trying to pass up.
Post-burst, the clear throat diameter is as shown.
Fig 3: Burst disc showing clear throat diameter
burst disc leading side burst disc trailing side The disc also is fitted with an O-ring to ensure no leak path is available for fluids to pass via the threads from the top of the well to the bottom or from the bottom of the well to the top.
Shown is the disc from the trailing side with the ring fitted and from the leading side without the ring.
Fig 4: Burst disc leading and trailing side
burst disc assembly tool burst disc assembly tool The assembly tool with its protruding drive dogs positively locates on the four engagement slots on the top of the burst disc. Four engagement lugs ensure the tool cannot slip and accidentally contact and damage the foil.
The assembly tool is tightened via the ½"AF drive spigot.
Fig 5: Burst disc assembly tool
post burst - the foil test-chassis Before a batch of burst discs is made, the design is verified with a physical test. It is Benoil's practice to produce three test chassis and then burst them in controlled conditions - recording the burst pressure achieved. Three gives a reasonable statistical basis on which to proceed. Typically Benoil discs burst well inside the industry standard tolerance of ±5%.
Fig 6: Post burst - the foil test-chassis
protective packaging for shipment Each sub-unit is supplied with protective packaging to ensure no damage is caused to threads or burst discs whilst the parts are in transit.
All the packaging meets international boxing and crating agreements.
Fig 7: Protective packaging for shipment

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