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8.14. Burst Disc Specials

The following special products are examples of what may be created for different circumstances.
8.14.1 Simple (non-threaded) Discs - 50mm bore
150psi pump pressure relief systems; simple disc clamped between flanges.
8.14.2 Threaded Discs - 5mm bore - Alloy 600
A product of about half the diameter of our standard items, these proved particularly testing to make with even higher levels of accuracy than larger items. That is important as the product forms a sensitive trigger. Techniques were therefore developed for the purpose.
8.14.3 Directional Discs
Designed for circumstances where the burst pressure in the forward direction has to be lower than the resistance to a reverse pressure condition. For example we have supplied 3400/7700psi in 11mm, 3500/5250psi in 1.5", and 7000/8500psi in 2.0" types.
8.14.4 Threaded Discs - 11mm bore - Alloy 600 - Gold-plated
An Alloy 600 disc was pre-pressured to 80% of nominal and thereby formed into dome; the result was then gold plated to resist sour gas. The same might be done to any disc type, but see the notes about corrosion and foil types.
8.14.5 Special pressure Version of Standard Product
1350psi in SS316. A particular job required that the burst disc be rated with an unusually tight tolerance at ambient in order that a known value was obtained at the appropriate BHT.
8.14.6 Slimline Discs
We have had need to reduce the size of standard products to fit into particularly tight situations. This is not always possible by making at the desired size because of weld scorch on the foils and possible heat distortion of slim rings, but can be achieved by post machining discs in a specially protected environment.
8.14.7 Very High Pressure Discs
While we have now made a number of high pressure discs, defined as 10kpsi to 15kpsi, so that they are fairly routine, we have had need to produce even higher pressure discs on occasion to suit particular applications. The pressures have been variously from 18kpsi to 27kpsi, and are by definition specials. They require extra care in design to ensure suitability and in testing to ensure safety. A feature of some of these is the careful control of angled or coned faces to ensure a good line contact in a metal-metal seal.

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