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8.0.10 Burst Disc Assemblies: Service

Time is of the essence in most oilfield operations. Benoil therefore carries stock of all the most popular discs, and indeed of many less common discs, for despatch as required, which has often been shown useful, especially when a customer has to adjust a planned job at short notice. We also make items quickly when necessary; this was, after all, how we started manufacturing discs in the first place. It is hard to generalise but we can usually make variations on the standard items in 7 days if necessary, though we might usually schedule on 2-3 weeks. Exceptionally, and usually at a cost, it can be done in less time.
Our flexibility and speed of response is proving a useful asset to those who buy and use our discs; naturally the prime concern is a disc suitable for purpose.
To supplement this, we also supply O-rings in each packet to accompany the products, on the basis that it is easier for the customer to know one is with the item and need not be thought about separately. We also offer blanks for testing the tool assembly, and specific fitting tools to ensure the discs can be safely fitted without risk of damage.
Please note that the lists give typical items. It does not mean all are necessarily in stock, particularly as we have taken the opportunity at this listing to give a wider indication of what can be made. Other values may be added to the ranges, and specials within them are made eg a requirement for 1375psi at BHT of 275F might need a special 1600psi at room temperature. Some values have been asked for but are not available within the range of known, available, reliable foil; these are indicated in square brackets, thus [1000psi].

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