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8.0.9 Burst Disc Assemblies: Special Designs

It will be apparent that not all applications can be suited by standard product and it is a Benoil speciality to produce discs to meet particular needs, often in very small numbers. Sometimes these are the result of a direct customer design request, sometimes a mere modification of a standard design, sometimes they arise from the testing for a specific application as above. In all these cases, it is of great importance to define the parameters carefully with a customer to achieve the desired result, as quickly as possible, and at reasonable cost.
A particular example illustrates the point. Disc assemblies can be made to operate at different pressures in the two directions. Thus one can build safety into a disc which must operate in the desired sense at a known pressure, but must be protected from a reverse burst, from say a surge. Clearly, such are tailored to the customer need.
Again, it may be required to ensure a tight minimum value and for one customer application we ensured all discs were tested to 98% of the nominal in the laboratory before despatch.
Benoil has also made certain special holders and equipment that incorporate discs, including a special sub with a welded disc across it.

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