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8.0.6 Burst Disc Assemblies: Certification

The difficulty about using any rupture disc is that it cannot be fully tested without destruction, so the quality of a product has to be achieved by consistency of manufacturing processes. Benoil has established procedures within its ISO 9001:2000 certification for the making of discs and makes burst tests on each batch produced. The typical number of tests is 5, whether the processed batch is 10 or 50, and these results are provided to customers in the form of a Certificate of Test and Conformity. This enables the user to assess the results directly.
Even so, many oilfield operations take place at an elevated temperature. Temperature affects the burst disc rating and Benoil can advise a likely actual burst value; in critical cases, it may be desirable to have results from testing at elevated temperatures, which Benoil can undertake on request.
Disc assemblies are marked for traceability with burst pressure as well as foil type.

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