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8.0.5 Burst Disc Assemblies: A Question of Pressure

Most of our products are aimed at typical oil and gas well pressures, from 1000psi to 9500psi. Standard and special values within this range can supplied. Lower values have occasionally been made, and higher values can be produced, the total range so far being 150psi to 25,000psi.
At 10,000psi and upwards different test rigs and pumps have to be used to withstand the pressure and special safety precautions are required.
What matters in the use of a burst disc is not only the nominal value but the spread of values inherent in a produced batch of discs. The industry standard is generally +/- 5% (though for the very simple discs it can be only +/- 10 or even 15% and even then not be kept to in practice). But many applications need a closer standard and Benoil discs are often within +/- 2%, and with extra attention can be, and are, tailored even more closely.
A particular example is a disc made to operate at 20,000psi at a particular well temperature with a spread of only +/- 250psi (or +/- 1.3%). This exceeded the customerís expectations.

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