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8.0.4 Burst Disc Assemblies: Choice of Foil - Corrosion/Wear

Benoil will use any foil appropriate to an application. We initially offered nickel which is, however, not always suitable. Alloy 600 (Inconel 600 - TM Inco) is much more resistant to sour gas (hydrogen sulphide) atmosphere. Even it is not perfectly resistant; plated forms are one approach for extreme conditions or cocktail mixtures. In some conditions, 316 stainless steel is appropriate. We now offer also the more highly corrosion resistant Alloy C-276 (Hastelloy C-276 - TM Haynes); this is considered better than the plating concept as the alloy is coherent, while plating can crack as the disc expands near its rupture point. Other materials will be considered and Monel 400 (TM Inco) has been added recently. We have also used copper, aluminium, Kovar and titanium, but in special designs, as these do not readily weld to stainless steel bodies.
Alloy C-276 is, in addition to its corrosion resistance, also more resistant to wear erosion than the other foils. If erosion is a severe problem, protection may be necessary.
The nature of the foil being so important, Benoil marks all disc bodies with a code to indicate the foil present.

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