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8.0.1 Burst Disc Assemblies: A short History

Benoil has supplied burst disc products since 1989. Originally this was in order to make a range of bodies for our cementing darts. Because of this success, customers later asked us to make a range of discs for oilfield tools. What gave us the incentive to develop more extensively was in fact a particular request from a contact in Dubai for a very urgent job indeed, which we were able to satisfy. From there, a process of continuous improvement and expansion led to an ever wider market, which continues to grow to this day. The most recent developments of the past year or so have taken us into many more custom-made products, wider ranges of standard products, and more particularly into the area of custom testing for special applications.
This publication summarises the considerations which we apply to the production of burst discs so that they are thoroughly reliable in use. The approach, as will be seen, is to focus on the application to which the disc will be put by the end-user, and, by understanding, make appropriate recommendations.

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