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New Testing Developments - 1½" bore burst disc load pressure cycling
test cell complete Increasingly, as part of the burst disc business development, we are offering clients tailored test programs to meet their job-specific needs as an additional facility to our exisiting pressure certification testing.
This application required the burst disc to be an emergency break-out in the tool at a pre-determined pressure but the disc also needs to survive the tool pressuring up and down, without any detriment to the quoted burst pressure.
As part of our exisiting pressure certification, for statistical certainty it is Benoil's policy to test a minimum of five samples per batch. The cycling involved in this tool-application required pre and post cycling pressure tests to be undertaken.
Fig1: Five-shot burst disc cell for pressure cycle test
test cell complete To eliminate the uncertainty of temperature correction factors we also now offer a 'testing at temperature' service. In this application the cycling needed to be run in representative 'in-tool' conditions. Here the test condition was 110°C specified by the customer from real-world measured data. We have tested 'environments' as hot as 215°C for other clients in other applications.
The test-temperature is achieved by mounting the burst discs into the test cell and then submerging the complete assembly (with hydraulic feed and drain connections) into a temperature conrolled oil bath. After heat-soaking to stabilise the temperature, the test is then performed.
Fig2: Burst disc and matching O-ring
Each burst disc is marked with its nominal burst pressure in psi and the foil material is marked with a single letter code diametrically opposite the pressure rating on the top face. Foil material selection can be varied depending on the corrosive nature of the environment in which the disc is to be used.
A matching O-ring is supplied with each disc.
Fitting tools to torque down the discs in the tools can also be supplied - available separately on request.
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test cell complete Our hydraulic rigs are all built with standard high pressure connectors and pipework to enable us quickly to adapt our rigs to suit new applications. Adding new features to the rigs is also then simple, adding standard 'off-the-shelf' parts to the existing setup, keeping development lead times to a minumum.
Standardising on high pressure hydraulic components has given Benoil an infrastructure capable of supporting test work anywhere from 100psi through to 30,000psi nominal. Such a pressure range covers most oil industry applications. Having the infrastructure in place already minimises the cost of commissioning bespoke test work for a new client or application.
Fig: 3 Standardised hydraulic pipework & connectors

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